Videos Inspire and Tell A Story

Looking for a powerful way to communicate your story?

GM Photos provide video services for a wide range of clients. We are passionate about engaging our customers in an creative way to tell their story. Videos help reach and inspire target audience, and helps to better communicate a message.

For businesses, video marketing can be a game-changer. It elevates your business to the next level by capturing your target audience’s attention, making you more visible in searches and converting prospects to customers. Whether you’ve never had a video marketing strategy or you’re already an expert, we can help make the campaign a total success. Ensuring that your video content is aligned with your company’s goals, is a top priority.

The Importance of Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

We meet in person to discuss your video marketing goals and finalize your budget.

Internal Business Assessment

We immerse ourselves in your business; discovering why, what and how you do what you do; what makes you different; who you’re targeting; who the main competitors, peers and influencers are; and what you want to achieve.

Customer and Market Analysis

Next comes market, business and customer analysis. We will identify opportunities to reach new leads and ideal customers.

Develop the Strategy

We’ll define approaches to targeting, tactics and messaging; give recommendations on timings, budgets and resources; and specify the measurements used to track results. The plan will include video as well as other mediums where appropriate.

Continuous Improvement

It’s an ongoing process, it is important to analyze and track results. By staying on top of the results, you will ultimately continue to improve your video reach.

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